Chris reflects on the first challenge.

Mar 2, 2009

Then, we were sent down the runway with a partner. I was partnered with Branden and our first walk was a little off sync but the second time we walked together was a lot better and I felt like we worked well together.

It felt like we were walking together and for the same show. His walk was just a little bit stiff, in the shoulders.

After the catwalk test we were lined up and stripped down to our swimsuits for a body evaluation. I knew I still had to work on some parts of my body because I am very thin and need to gain a little weight. But it’s hard for me to gain weight because I have a crazy high metabolism. I had been working out for about a little over a year before coming on the shows.  I was really happy to have met some of the guys in the competition because not only was Ken a personal trainer but a few other guys were extremely knowledgeable in fitness and diet. That is exactly what I needed. I realized later that all that time I had been working out wasn’t the right routine for my body.

After the body evaluations the last part of the day was a photo shoot. We worked with an excellent photographer and it would be this shoot that was judged along with our walks that determine whether or not we make it into the model house. We had to pick a prop to work with during the shoot and they were very random items. I ended up choosing a can of whipped cream. I have a big sweet tooth and it just looked so tasty.

At the end of the day it was time to choose who would move forward and who would go home.  I’ll never forget the moment that Tyson called my name to step forward and it was then my time to find out if my dream was coming true and if I would be moving forward or not. The pause after my name was called seemed like it lasted for hours … and Tyson said “Thank you …,” another everlasting pause. My heart felt like it was going to explode. After what seemed like eternity, I was able to step forward and claim my invitation to join the competition! I was the first model to make it.