Chris reflects on the first challenge.

Mar 2, 2009

Luckily we made it after the first one we went all the way down to find out that the train wasn’t running. I guess that was something I would have to get used to, right?

The house was pretty cute; in a high-rise of condos in the heart of Brooklyn. It was terribly exciting to finally be there. After the whole application process, the casting special, and photo shoot, I was finally able to chill out and relax for a second and know that my place was secure in this whole adventure. I was just so grateful that this is where I was at this exact moment in my life. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

With the cameras finally on us at all times, this was the first chance I got to really get to know all the other models. Shawn and I had already become friends; he’s such a sweet guy. In the house I roomed with Colin, Karen K., and Laury. I was really glad that we were together too because the four of us sort of had similar personalities and not having a choice of living with many other people, it made things a lot easier.

Not too long after the models settled into the house, it was already time for the first elimination. I hadn’t even gotten my makeover yet so I was determined not to be sent home. If you’ve ever seen the show before, you know elimination means catwalk challenge. This I was terribly excited about because I had never walked in a runway show before all I knew that was that my walk was pretty strong. I couldn’t wait to keep my dream of becoming a supermodel going further.

As we arrived at the location of the runway setup, it was straight to hair and makeup.  Being backstage and getting prepped for the show was really amazing.  I was thinking, “if this is all I ever had to do everyday from now on, I would be totally happy.”  While we didn’t have to worry about things like picking clothes or doing hair or fixing our faces, we did have a lot of other things to worry about.

There was limited time and space to perfect my runway walk, perfect my poses for each stage of the walk, and hope the judges would love me.