Chris reveals who he think should have gone home instead of him.

Mar 10, 2009

Gabe’s runway walk was extremely stiff. It really had no movement. Also his face only gave one look, and it didn’t look happy. I thought since I had improved my picture greatly this week and also as the judges noted I had improved my runway walk and poses that they would have wanted to keep someone who had a lot of potential and someone who was listening to what the judges had to say and showing positive changes, instead of a model who heard what the judges had to say to improve many times but either couldn’t see his own flaws or wasn’t able to change them.

However, they let me go that night and decided that they would keep trying to work on someone who wasn’t going to improve at all. I thought it was a very wrong decision. 

I felt that I had so much more to give and add to the competition. I thought since I was working hard to improve and on the road to becoming a better supermodel that I would be able to show the judges more of myself.  So sadly as the words fell out of Tyson’s mouth “We cannot…,” I was truly devastated. 

It felt like an end to my beginning and all too fast. I think that if Perou wasn’t kept on the judging panel to judge pictures of shoots he had no part of, that I might have been kept that night.

I realized that I couldn’t change the decision of the judges and tried to take with me all the positive aspects of this experience. I feel like I was on the show/competition for a reason and although I didn’t stay as long as I felt I should have, I know that everything happened for a reason. One of my goals in modeling is to gain exposure to the world and I know that I have accomplished that much.