Frankie Godoy

Frankie takes a risk for a designer... and it doesn't pay off.

on Feb 7, 2008


What an amazing week it has been. It's been all about fashion week and the catwalk. Definitely my week (except the bottom 3 part) and I've had so much fun. Whenever we would go to Bryant Park there would be so many people screaming my name and taking pictures.

It was so exciting, I just couldn't help but to get super excited to. Walking in the Scott French show, I defiantly rocked it out in the eyes of the designer but the panel would have rather for me to walk the way they liked.

I took my chances and decided to make the designer happy and it cost me the bottom 3. I'm not upset at all about it and I have faith in America that they will vote me back on. I really hope they do because deep down, I know that I want this more than anyone here in this house.

Baby, it gets harder and harder each day not being w/you. I miss you and more each day and I love you so much.