Holly Kiser

Holly talks about her big win!

on Apr 3, 2008


Well, I made it through week twelve! It's been a long and hard 12 weeks, and I've had my ups and downs, but this experience has changed my life forever. This week started off perfect we met another supermodel and it just so happens she's my favorite supermodel!

Jessica Stam, she is awesome, she must have been freaked out I started going on and on about her life story. She is the face of BCBG and she's in every fashion show imaginable. After that we went to GQ corporate office for a fitting! Whoever wins gets that spread and gets to wear the clothes we tried on. GQ is a men's magazine and I knew if I won he would be a huge deal, not a lot of girls are in that magazine. After the fitting we looked on the chalk board, it said we had a surprise and to get ready. I knew what it was it had our be our family or our boyfriends/ girlfriends.