Holly Kiser

Holly talks about her big win!

on Apr 3, 2008

When I saw my finance, OMG I was floored, he is freaking gorgeous, I know I've been cooped up with these guys but they don't even compare. I was thinking, "why weren't you on the show?" Ha ha! I was happy to finally get to touch him. Gosh, he really has supported me through everything every time a door has been slammed in my face or I heard a no -- he's pushed me along and told me to keep going. You can do it! Gosh it was the perfect night.

The next day was the cat walk, our last one. We would found out who won in a matter of hours. Niki told us we would walk one last time for panel. My dress for panel was amazing, my hair and makeup amazing. I felt like a princess going into catwalk. I was so nervous, the whole time I was in the chair I was thinking how bad I want this.