Holly Kiser

Holly talks about her big win!

on Apr 3, 2008

I sort of convinced myself that I wouldn't win. I just wanted to be prepared to hear it, but when were up there in front of panel I just prayed and prayed and thought that no matter what I knew whatever happen was for a reason. I'm such a strong believer in that. It finally came down to Ronnie and me and looking at the past with his fan base I prepared to lose. All of a sudden Niki said that "America made you into a Supermodel" OH MY GOSH- I bawled my eyes out , I just couldn't believe how this just finally happen for me.

With all of the rejection I've had in my whole career to be a model. America thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance to leave my dream. I really want to be an example for those who have dreams despite what ever opportunities they feel they don't have. I came from the hills of Appalachia and look at where I am right now. I never took no for an answer.

America, I just can't thank you enough, I promise you will not see the last of me and I promise I won't let you down. Mom, Dad and Ray, I hope I made you guys proud all that money you put into it was worth it. I owe you that check! Thank you so much for believing in me, I did it guys, I did it. I'M A SUPERMODEL!