Holly Kiser

Holly has a spiritual experience in New Orleans.

on Mar 13, 2008


This week was all about the supermodel lifestyle. Niki and Tyson surprised us at our house and told us that we were going to New Orleans and we had 30 minutes to pack! Oh my gosh, we were actually getting out of New York! The plane ride was very exhausting and our flight was delayed so we ended up getting there really late but when I saw our hotel/house I flipped out!

I swear it looked like an episode of Cribs. There was this extravagant meal set up with champagne, a huge king size bed, a freaking living room as big as my apartment, gosh I was just floored!! We also had little gifts awaiting for us...like tokens from New Orleans -- a mask, necklace, a voodoo doll, (sorry mom if you saw me playing with that doll, I was only playing -- I wasn't practicing wichcraft!)