Holly Kiser

Holly has a spiritual experience in New Orleans.

on Mar 13, 20080

After enjoying our new home, we had to hurry and go to bed!! We had an early call time for our photo shoot. The next morning we pulled up to a cemetery!! Oh my gosh, I was so excited! I knew theme of the shoot when we pulled up... something very couture and high fashion!! That's exactly what I want to do!!

We met our photographer Chris, he told us the assignment, and we were to tell a story with our picture -- he wanted real emotions of sadness. I totally got into the part. This was really my dream shoot. It's something you would see in Italian Vogue and just being in the clothes and just the atmosphere of the whole thing really helped me get into it! Perry, Ben and I were paired up for the first shot!

Chris wanted me to be the center piece pf this shot so that was really exciting. Before we started Niki bought is a little prop...Dennis the Raven!! He fit the scene perfectly --there was fog, a raven, a graveyard and Perry, Ben and I looked awesome so I had a lot of good feedback from the first shot and he wanted it to be Perry and me. I actually was glad to work with Perry because I think he has a very high fashion look and that photo shoot turned out awesome too!