Holly Kiser

Holly has to take on a role to show her true colors.

on Mar 5, 2008


This week started off awesome! Tyson came to the house and invited us to Niki's birthday party!! He said a lot of people into the fashion industry where going to be there - including the editor of GQ! So we hurried and got ready. Shannon and I baked Niki a cake, while the boys wrote her a song!

Her party was fun! We got to see all the photographers we worked with before, so it was kind of like a reunion. The next day was our photo shoot...or what we thought would be a photo shoot. We walked in and Tyson explained the assignment and introduced the director. We were to star in video look-book for Marithe Francois Girbaud.


The director had a few scenes in mind so each one of us had to cast for the part. Perry, Ronnie and I were cast in what I think was the hardest scene. Perry was the cheater and Ronnie was his best friend. I had to act like I just got into a fight with him. Manieu, the director knew exactly what he wanted. So it too a few minutes to finally get the feeling. I wasn't supposed to be pissed or sad looking, just uncomfortable.

We all casted for every scene and at the and of the night there was one more scene. The director wanted it to be hot and steamy, like we are getting ready to go to his apartment and do the nasty at this point. I had to do... Step it up! The director chose Ben and I to do the scene. Unlike a photograph were you can fake intimacy, film the way around it. I knew what I had to do and I knew I couldn't play it safe!

After all, I knew I had to prove to Tyson I wasn't shy and timid, and prove that I can do this! So.. I did it! After we finished, Peter Paul Scott the Director of Marketing picked who he thought represented the brand the best. Shannon won and Perry was second! We all got a pair of jeans! I love free stuff! The next day Jennifer woke us up and said we have our first job! She brought us outside of Bloomingdales. We were going to do informal modeling and be a brand ambassador.