Holly Kiser

Holly comes out a big winner this week.

on Feb 28, 2008


Well this week started off with only two girls! This is an accomplishment in itself! We were surprised with the winter weekend getaway, but before we got to go, first we went shopping for supplies. We went to Natrona - they are the furniture company who furnished our house. We got to pick out blankets, pillows and candles!

To me, all this sounded like a hot date, instead of a getaway for a photo shoot. After shopping we were surprised again to make phone calls! I called my parents this time, instead of my fiance, even though I really really wanted to speak to him. Talking to my family was wonderful! Besides my fiance, they are my biggest supporters.

Emotionally, financially, they have spent thousands of dollars that they don't even have to help me pursue my dream. My Mom has always been there for me to give me an encouraging word, and they just believe in me so much, so this week I wanted to win for them.