Holly Kiser

Holly lives it up during Fashion Week!

on Feb 7, 20080


Week 5 started out perfect! This week's assignment: the Catwalk and the catch....in New York City Fashion week!! Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe it -- that is my dream! I've spent the past years just watching the girls on TV and seeing them in the magazines and to actually have a chance to be there is amazing!

We got to watch two top designers Alexander Herschovich and Sass and Bide! The shows were amazing and I was freaking out because I felt like I knew these models. I watch them on fashion TV and I see the campaigns and to actually watch them on the catwalk was a privileged!

Our first fashion show -- the line was called Form and Jerry Tam was the designer. His clothes were freaking awesome and the dress I got to wear stood out from everyone else's so I had to match the dress with a great walk!

I was so nervous before the show because I knew the panel was going to be there to watch and we were getting judged on it, but when I got out there it all went away I just prayed I would fit in with the other models.