Jordan describes her awkward experience on a horse.

Apr 29, 2009

Another week, another long ride to another photo shoot. We all knew this photo shoot was going to be challenging because the clue said we’d be working with a partner that couldn’t understand us. I was just hoping we didn’t have to work with babies. When we ended up at a ranch, I think it was pretty clear … horses! I wasn’t very excited for this. I may have not been excited, but I knew I had to do this, and I had to do it well. So I had to wait around all day for my shoot, and finally shot at night. It was so cold, and I didn’t have a lot of clothes on. I was hoping the horse would warm me up. I ended up getting on the horse for this shoot, and I felt so dumb. I had no idea what to do, and I was really stiff and awkward. The photographer seemed to like what I was doing, but I wasn’t happy. I left this shoot praying that I got a really good shot. So of course, Nicole brings our looks and I open mine to a not-so-good picture. I was just hoping we had a somewhat normal catwalk so I could redeem myself.

Catwalk day! This is the first catwalk that I am actually nervous for. I’m so scared that it won’t be a normal catwalk, and I won’t be able to redeem myself. So we go into find out what we will be doing, and sure enough it’s a normal catwalk! Yes!!! I have never felt so relieved. The clothes for this catwalk were some of my favorite. I felt so confident with my walk, and it looked like it helped me, because I was safe. I live to see another week!!