Karen explains what it was like winning the online vote.

Mar 3, 2009

So we finally make it to the loft, and the place is so nice. The decoration on the walls and the carpet coloring is so welcoming. There was no hot tub, but I will make it work. Laury asked me to room with her, and it ends up being Colin, Chris, Laury, and I in a room. We have our own bathroom and are stoked.

The next day we have our runway show and I am a little nervous because I don't have much runway experience. We do a practice round with Tyson and Nicole and I completely freeze up. The weakest walkers were me, CJ, and Kerryn. Colin was weak on the boys' side. After the practice I was ready to impress the judges. I knew I had to do better come showtime.

Getting ready for the first catwalk was so exciting. I love getting my hair and make up done. I love the preparation and practice for the show.

The first show was very fascinating. I performed well. I loved my look and my final walk for the judges. Ken ended up getting booted off, and I actually think he wanted to leave.