Katy Caswell

Katy toughs it out during an intense week.

on Jan 12, 2008


Friday photo shoot with Lee Strickland about drama, sex, fantasy. Freezing cold all day and wearing next to nothing. When you are on a shoot, especially with Lee you don't feel the cold only energy. You need him to capture the essence of what you project. Crazy hair and make-up, red eyebrows, light make up, hair slicked back in a pony tail. Niki came to our trailer later in the day to stop and talk and give us some advice - we also asked her some questions. We saw the house, that night - gorgeous! Three floors, girls on second, boys on third. We all get along so well.... Each of our personalities compliment the other.

Saturday, Tyson woke us up at 7:30am for a go-see. We had thirty minutes to get ready and we met him under the Manhattan Bridge. He had a bonfire going and asked us to throw in something if we wanted to, to symbolize starting over and achieving what we want. It felt so good afterwards to burn my jacket, gloves and scarf. We then went to New York Models, took measurements, Cory thinks my boobs are too big, Niki stuck up for my saying her and Tyra had bigger boobs and there's were wrapped for fashion shows.

Later that night Niki came by the house to tell us about a surprise party for us networking with editors from GQ, she provided us with clothes from French Connection and helped us get dressed. I really appreciate and admire how motherly and passionate she is and of course our girl talks about the business. She makes me want to work out extra to be in her shoes.

Monday, today was a dreadful day. We met with the panel for our first catwalk show, we met at the stage at 11:00am, went into hair and make-up the theme for make-up was "Barbie" all the girls wore two pairs of lashes, heavy liner on top, muted make-up and pale pink lips. When we got there Niki and Tyson, came out, Tyson wearing red speedo which looked fantastic on him.

They said they needed two volunteers, two from each side. We didn't know what we were volunteering for until they dropped the black sheet from over the two mannequins, which were wearing thong bikinis.