Katy Caswell

Katy toughs it out during an intense week.

on Jan 12, 2008

My outfit was great, a Brazilian bikini (purple) with a black unique necklace already made into it and orange stilettos. Debbie Deetering (runway coach) met us there to practise our walk on the new run way. It was so slippery; it felt like it had just been waxed. We all found green tape to stick to the bottom of our shoes and that made it easier.

When everyone was finally ready, we got in place (I was number 4) and did our catwalk. It felt so good to get back on the run way. It really is the best feeling in the world. An indescribable rush and sense of euphoria. I used to be so self conscious when I was younger and never wanted to take pictures, be on camera or have people looking at me. I never thought I could really want to be a model, and have the stage all to myself but I wouldn't have it any other way!

The boys have gotten better on the walks; we've all been practising together at home. After walking, we all walk back out to stand in front of the judges, for them to ask us each a question and make comments. Jennifer asked me if I would rather be in another industry where I'm "accepted" for my weight measurements.

She asked me about working out and putting all the work into this competition, when I could just choose because it's easier (the easier path). I told her and the panel that I didn't want to take the easier road; I would rather work for what I wanted. Niki said I was a "hard worker". I ended up being in the bottom three, with Sarah and Dominic. Tyson exact words were "I know better people who would rather be here than you." I was so humiliated today. I'm definitely going to upset my family who have to watch this episode because I know its going to hurt them, Sarah and I are not ready to go home - and we won't. Not this week anyway.....