Katy Caswell

Katy reviews the hectic week!

on Jan 24, 2008


On Friday we (Ben, Dom and I) woke up @ 7 to go to the stage for elimination. After we got there, we waited for about 30 mins, and walked onto see the panel. Dom was eliminated. Cory, Tyson and Jennifer all chimed in to say they had each noticed I'd been working really hard on my diet and exercise.

After they said that, it was like something totally clicked inside my head that totally changed my confidence level. From that moment on, my confidence had shot through the roof . It reminded me of how long I had wanted to be in this position (be on the show) and also that all my hard work had paid off. I knew my family would be so proud of me because I was about to show the world how bad I wanted this and not hold anything back. I had a feeling that the next few days were going to be amazing.

Before I left, Tyson came by to say his goodbyes for the day. He told me he was proud, keep up the good work and kissed my right cheek. I was completely on Cloud 9! Later that night/afternoon we went into Soho to shoot us walking down the street and then we went into Reiss to meet Niki and Lyndon (head of Reiss clothing store). We had a casting session in Manhattan where we had to pose with the other house models because this weeks challenge was on 'chemistry'.

Day One:

- Woke up @ 7

- Hotel Chelsea

- Met Tyson and Diana (photos)- only a bed in the room!

- Ben and I = partners, I had sexy curly hair with smoldering bedroom eyes.

- Changed into 3 or 4 tops (bras) *cute outfits*

- I was nervous but knew I had to give it everything I had - I wasn't going to ruin my good week!

- All or nothing baby!

- I was very relaxed while shooting and very confident the whole time.

- I knew we pleased Diana and Ben was extremely professional, we had a great time.