Kerryn shares the song that Branden and Colin wrote for her.

Apr 7, 2009

Photo Shoot!
Our memo says to take a deep breath, so everyone thinks that this is our underwater shoot day … well, they were right! We had a three-hour drive through some of the most beautiful countryside you could imagine and we end up at this amazing house in Camden CT where it’s 45 degrees outside, 35 with wind chill. CRAZY!

The pool ended up being 95 degrees so it was OK, plus they had heated tents while we waited but this is the best part: Howard Shatz is taking our pictures and he is famous for his underwater shots. Wow — what a privilege. They had us train with him in the pool first and then we went to hair and makeup to get ready. The training part was nuts. He expected us to stay under for 60 seconds. Of course Sandhurst was amazing. The boys got it pretty quick. It took about 10 extra minutes for the girls (and an extra hour for Salome) but we got it and had a blast.

Howard was an absolute doll to work with. He was super sweet and he was very encouraging.  I know we went over our time limit but I’m pretty sure he was having just as much fun as I was!

Today is the day we get our pictures back and everyone is really excited/nervous. Luckily we didn’t have to wait very long and for the most part. We all loved our pictures. Salome was unsure about hers but only because she was terrified of water and has never been fully submerged before.

Total props to her for overcoming her fear, but dear God parents should make their kids learn how to swim. It’s completely irresponsible not to. Happier topics …

Jordan wins photo shoot and takes Mountaha. YEA. Then they decide to celebrate my birthday tonight and the party gets started.

Salome made this amazing grilled shrimp scampi and I had two birthday cakes. One carrot cake and one cheesecake. As we are passing our cake, the phone rings and my mom starts singing me "Happy Birthday." Of course I cried. But wait — before she called, the doorbell rang and I had a present delivered. My uncle bought me the winter boots I wanted! OK, after I get off the phone Colin and Branden sang me a birthday song. I had promised myself I wouldn’t cry but wow everything made it hard not to. 

The song is on the next page.

Then to top the night off we had beer and wine delivered for the party so we all got to play beer pong!