Kerryn shares the song that Branden and Colin wrote for her.

Apr 7, 2009

“Oh Kerryn” by Colin and Branden

Oh Kerryn,
Thanks for carin;
Thanks for looking good
In the clothes that you’re wearin;
Oh you’re 25
And I’m so glad that you’re alive
Oh Kerryn

Oh Kerryn
You are so sweet
I am so glad I got to meet you
You look so good that I could eat you

But that’d be gross
Because we are much too close
Oh Kerryn
Happy birthday, oh Kerryn.

Lyrics by Colin and Branden

I haven’t been this excited in a long time. Everybody came together and did this for me. I have been crazy emotional lately with all of my dieting and the major lifestyle choices I have made. I’m trying my best to get healthy. I have given up sodas (very big vice of mine) and all my favorite foods. YES, it’s all junk … none of those were done in baby steps, just cold turkey, and I exercise now. They may not seem like a lot, but when you are doing it’s overwhelming. God and smokes are the only thing holding my strings together right now and did I mention how amazing it was for everyone to put their differences aside for one night to celebrate my birthday? So along with cory measuring us today (I lost another inch in my hips. I’m not 34, 26, 35) I feel like I have hope again! Having immunity for tomorrow doesn’t hurt either!!!

Runway – Fire and Ice
Girls in red and boys in pale suits. I was a little frustrated with my outfit today. I had this beautiful red salsa dress on and they stuck a baggy silk shirt over it. As proud as I am to be modest the point of today for girls was to be sexy. I would have worn the outfit out but it did not define sexy. After they added the black belt, it was better and then they had us work with a runway coach who was trying to help us walk better and all he did was destroy the confidence I had in my walk before. Grr. It didn’t help that it was my first time to walk in the super tall shoes I was wearing that night…

Personally I think my walk is great. Wow immunity twice. Why change something that’s already working? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

But for the sake of learning I’ll try to do what they want. I came here to get better and that’s what I want to do.