Nicole Trunfio

Find out if Nicole agreed with the judges' decision this week.

on Apr 22, 2009

The models had to do a 1960s inspired mod shoot. They were working in pairs. Let's go through each pair of models. First we have Branden and Sandhurst. Sandhurst had some trouble keeping his eyes open.

The boys reaked of insecurity. They looked so damn uncomfortable. I felt sorry for them because they were so inhibited by their ego so they couldn't get into it. It's fun. It's the 60's. I can't believe they couldn't just embrace it and have fun with it. It sucked.

Branden pointed at the camera.

He was completely clueless with what he was doing. They lacked confidence and charm.

Next you have Jonathan and Jordan, who worked really well together.

They did. They were awesome. I loved everything about what they did. They went first and they did a great job. Loved it.

Kerryn and Colin. The judges said they had no chemistry.

I don't think they should have paired up together because in real life they have some stuff going on, so when they're in front of the camera they'reĀ  just not good actors. Leave your personal sh-- at home. Work is work and you gotta leave it at home, which is what we've been telling them.

Kerryn got sent home and wasn't happy about it. Do you think it was too early for her?

It was hard, because it's getting down to some tough competition. She's had a really beautiful run. I would have liked to see her stay. I feel she could have improved a lot and she's improving quickly, so she showed us that she can do that. I thought she should have stayed longer.

Then there's Laury, who was also eliminated.

I thought Laury could have been eliminated in the first few weeks. That was no surprise to me at all. She just needs to be more confident about her face. Her energy is a little big crazy sometimes. She needs to just take a chill pill and direct her energy and know where she's focusing her energy. Nothing rang true about her for me.