Nicole Trunfio

Find out if Nicole agreed with the judges' decision this week.

on Apr 22, 2009

Did you agree with Marlon about how she should have been more confident with the style war?

That's the thing. Some of Laury's decisions I was confused with. She has this idea of what she's meant to look like in her head, but she's not really taking anything we're saying to her. She's the one dictating and she's her own worst enemy.

Then there was Mountaha and Salome.

I loved their photo. I loved watching them shoot. They fit into the 60s so well and they were both so adorable. They had good chemistry. It was awesome. I have to say something I noticed about Salome, when she went on the go-see this week and said, "I feel like they're wasting my time and theirs." I thought that was the most ridiculous comment. If I would have known she had said that I would have kicked her out. In modeling, you only get 10 percent of the castings you go on. You get turned down every day and if she's gonna have that attitude it's not going to work.

You did an Elie Tahari campaign. How do you think they did with that?

Mountaha is awesome, but she's definitely not the Tahari look. It's just one of those things that didn't fit together. Salome, she's really green, and she's loving being green. She's making every single person know she's green instead of trying to fit into the industry and be cool and calm and collected. She's a little too camp.

Laury thought it was an act. Do you think she genuinely doesn't know what things are?

There's some authenticity to it. She's really naive and she's a little bit annoying. It's interesting that she's never watched TV and because we found interest in her she's using it and she'll be like, "Oh, I don't know." But you knew how to get on Make Me A Supermodel so you must know something.

What about Colin?

Colin is impoving. I loved his creativity with the photo shoot. I was expecting him to be the shy one, but Kerryn was. She lacked confidence on the photo shoot. He's so spunky.