Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio breaks down this week's performances, and gives her take on model romances.

on Mar 20, 2009

Let's talk about everyone's performances this week. What did you think of Sandhurst?

He amazed me this week and he's very consistant, but he has to try not to come off as a dancer all the time. I love what he represents, a real strong masculine gentleman with a little humor.

Colin and Branden?

I love how they got physical and they weren't scared of that. They're so cute together. Colin is getting better on the catwalk, but he's a little bit awkward though. I feel like Branden has a lot of character and he has expression on the catwalk which is very charming.


I feel her pain. When everyone's ganging up on you it's like high school. When I sat them down on the football field I told them that different people have different issues and maybe she's having a problem with something right now and they need to find a different angle to get through to her. They did that. They had that party and everyone saw a different side of CJ which was really great. I didn't think her photo shoot was that good but if I was in her state it would have been hard to be confident in an environment where every person is against you. On the runway, she did really well. Her pose was really good and I was proud of her and that's why she was safe.


She told me she was doing this for her son and that was her driving force. She did an incredible job on the photo shoot. She needs to use that passion she has, that wanting to do it for herself and her son, because it worked for her. She should use that mentality the whole way.


She's starting to bug me a little because she's consistantly being bitchy. It's not cool. She's such a cool girl and I love her and she's strong, but it turns me off.


Excuses, excuses, excuses. She tries so hard and she tries too hard, but she doesn't pay attention to the subtle details. She doesn't think before she does something. She's very driven and she loses sight of what she needs to accomplish. She needs to focus more, she's a little scatterbrained.


She did well on the shoot, despite that final photo. I told her she needed to come out of her shell and she took that advice, but I can't always be there to egg her on because she sucked on the runway. I confronted her and asked her, "Where are you? You're hiding." She came out of her shell but went straight back in it. She needed to become her own best fan.


She needs to be more confident and she needs to be a chameleon. I see the same face when she's doing candy, sport, on the runway. It's the same thing. She needs to learn how to express herself in different ways because in modeling you play a role. She can't have the same expression in photo shoots.