Ronnie Kroell

Make Me A Supermodel Season 1 favorite Ronnie Kroell answers our questions.

on Apr 13, 2009 Where can your fans see you next?
I am working on finishing my Chemical Addictions album, reading some movie scripts, modeling, traveling on the speakers circuit, and most importantly they will see me back in school finishing my political science degree. At the heart of my work rests the genuine desire to open lines of communication, inspire others to reach their true potential, and to continue to build bridges between the gay and straight communities. We heard you have gone into music. Please tell!
After the show, Hollywood music producer Justin Jagoda contacted me about starting a singing career. (I guess he really liked “Serenade!”) So, in October I flew to Los Angeles and spent some quality time in the studio co-writing and recording my music. I have two singles out, "Miserable Attraction," and "Taste of Her Sin". Both songs are part of a greater work in progress, an album called Chemical Addictions.