Ronnie Kroell

Ronnie tells all about his crush on Ben.

on Feb 7, 2008


Scott is a trendsetter and I felt and I felt like a million in his designs. What an incredible feeling to have as you walk the catwalk. I definitely don't know what I would have done without Clay this week. I cannot say enough about him, as he really is the best of the best. We learned how to box which was hard at first, because I'm not a violent person by nature, but when I got into it he said I was a natural.

What a great way to let go of some steam and relieve some stress. In my heart, I've been working hard and doing my best. My mom shared a poem with me once called the "man in the mirror". And its words never rang more true to my ears that at this moment. At the end of the day, if I cannot proudly look at myself in the mirror and have him show me that same respect -- then I've let my self down.

I only hope that America sees that my ambition is strong, my potential great, and that I deserve another chance to prove that this was simply an off week and nothing more. It is said that actions speak louder than word, but not only can talk the talk , I will walk the walk or should I say catwalk?

Watch what happens...

Say cheese,