Salome talks about her win and reveals the other models' secrets.

Mar 4, 2009

I, Salome am in New York everybody! This is going to be a life-changing experience! I feel like I am being reborn. It is almost like when I left home. I feel like I have the whole world in front of me; I just have to reach out and embrace it. I feel like a fish out of water though. I have never ridden in a taxi, subway, train, or bus. This is the only form of transportation for a model here in NYC. I'm nervous. Give me a horse or a cow this ex-Mennonite would be much more at home!
I don't know what's happening. I don't know whether I'm here for a day just to be sent home or whether I will be blessed to be chosen to live in the house and be transformed from barista and server into supermodel.

I want this SOOO much. I need this to stretch me to my fullest potential! I want the world to live through my experience. I want people to know no matter what crazy background they have you can go beyond what you ever imagined you can.

Two years ago I was a Mennonite girl in a long solid colored dress to my ankles with a cap on my head covering my hair that came down to my knees. I was living without TV, radio, computer, musical instruments. I didn't even know what a reality TV competition was. I am being flown to New York because I am one of the 28 in the nation chosen to be on Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel. Snap!

I see my competitors. OH WOW! Everybody is so unique and beautiful. I feel at home with the height. Everyone is tall. I do believe I have the biggest butt of all the gals. UH-OH!

We get to do our untrained walk in front of Cory and Tyson. Then we are told to strip and they come along with a magic marker and make big black Xs on our fat, my stomach, butt, or inner thigh are my need-to-work-on spots.