Salome talks about her win and reveals the other models' secrets.

Mar 4, 2009

So I was running back and forth between buses getting my wardrobe and makeup done. I ended u[ getting my makeup done in 5 minutes max. I'm nervous! Here is my time to stand out among 16 people!

I'm enjoying the energy that is around me. Gabriel and I decide to just have no hesitation, no uncomfortableness. Just go for the win and have a lot of chemistry.

We climb in the box and lots of people are standing around. The box is five feet tall and I'm six feet and Gabriel is in here with me. It's hot and tight. We start working with each other while the crane picks us up. We get up 50 feet and Perou starts shooting. We look down and oh, he's not even looking at us; he's talking to someone else. So do we use those poses again or do we stop moving altogether. I have never done a shoot with such a lack of communication with the photographer. We just keep moving and hope he likes what he sees. The box drops and we are done. Gabriel and I are both hot and confused and we worry: Did we give enough?

I ask Nicole, "How could I have improved?" She says I was great and didn't need to change. Does she say this to everyone? I'm still worried.

People tell me we did great and we were the best. I think they are trying to be nice. Gabriel made the move to kiss in the box and and I kinda pulled away. Did I make a big mistake for holding back?

After everyone is done shooting we are told we have to take the subway home. I'm pissed! We haven't been fed all day. They brought sandwiches right before our shoot & by the time we were done they are all half eaten or gone. So I haven't eaten all day and now we have to to walk home because I know nothing about subways. They give us a map and we take off. We get to the subway station and the train we need is out of commission. We have to walk in the heels we have been in all day with empty stomachs to another station.