Salome talks about her win and reveals the other models' secrets.

Mar 4, 2009

Finally we get out of the subway. Now which way do we go? I'm the one that figures it out. We walk and finally I look over and there is the right number. It is a skyrise condo called Forte. I take off running. Food and beds but a fight first for it. (We go to a cafe and have sandwiches and wraps).

Laury opens the door we rush in. It's very modern and ugly blues. I pick a bed in the corner window and I get the upper bunk. I want to be in the center activity.

We do a toast with sparkling wine and sparkling apple juice for the underage people. Then we go to the living room and pile on the bean bags and start telling people a little about us:
Kerryn can't orgasm. So sad! Has she been faking it? Yes and sometimes she tells the man ahead of time.

Gabriel says he's a virgin ... people believe him and Colin jumps up and says "Me too!" I know Gabriel is lying.

Shawn is married to a man.

Amanda has a nine-month-old baby.

CJ dates men only but is attracted to women but can't date women because they are too needy. How does that work?

Jonathan is married with a baby boy.

Mountaha is Brazilian.

Sandhurst is from Trinidad and Tobago and is  a classical ballet dancer.

We finally crash and go to bed.