Salome talks about her win and reveals the other models' secrets.

Mar 4, 2009

Nicole comes with a stack of gray portfolios with our names on them. We take turns getting them. I kinda don't like my picture and I kinda like the arm out. What was the vision? Whoever wins the picture gets a go-see. We have to wait for a phone call ... how long? I'm impatient.
Branden answer sthe phone. Cory wants to talk to ME! I jump up and down I'm squealing and dancing. I can't believe I won. It is the last thing I expected! I have to take someone of the same sex with me to Catherine Malandrino to meet with John James.

I pick CJ "because I can beat her" hopefully. We look nothing alike. I'm tall, short, dark-haired, and she's short, blond, curvy.

People get upset but I think they are overreacting. I need to consider their feelings and be more careful with how I say stuff, even though it is a competition.

We get waxed and then a SUV waits for us. The ride is quiet!

John James meets us, looks at our books we change he has us walk. My walk needs more confidence and CJ is too short and should focus on print. Cory comes and measures us.
Runway is good I wear a gorgeous dress that was like clouds and water and feathers.Amazing.
The judges like my walk but I don't win immunity because they don't want me to get too big of a head. I think that is ridiculous. Because of one comment I have a big head! Anybody that knows me knows I don't have a big head. How did I portray myself wrong?

The judges thought Ken wasn't taking it seriously and looked like Zoolander so he went home. Jordan won immunity.