Sarah Swartz

Sarah tears it up at the reunion!

on Mar 27, 2008

All and all the reunited cast learned the public loves Bronnie* and the shirts were a hilarious hit! Another fun fact, Tyson confirmed his single status was inaccurate but our love affair couldn't be denied when I snatched a kiss backstage! His lips took up my entire cheek!

Fun and Games, it's sad to say our journey is almost over but on the other hand it also has just begun! For one winner (who at the time I thought would be Perry or Holly but now I think is Ronnie) their life will be changed forever! GQ, 100g's, and NYModels, please honey! The perks don't stop there if 'the chosen one' keeps a good head on their shoulders and let's the work speak for itself. The Public loves you Ronnie! Go on with your bad self...: )