Shannon Pallay

Shannon loves being a model.

on Mar 13, 2008


I love modeling. I love creating beautiful pictures and I love setting foot on the catwalk. I love having the ability to make people want to look at me and listen to me. I love the beauty of fashion and I love the escapism it provides for so many people including myself. I love being here and should probably count my blessings even more often than I do. I love and appreciate how fortunate I am to be here doing exactly what I want to do. I love the abilities I've been given and I love the fact that I have the strength to follow through.

I'm proud of myself and the kind of person I am. But I can only HOPE that people truly notice these things about me and I wish that people can see what is real. It's easy to see through things when they are shallow and I hate whatever it is that prevents people from noticing this. I stand strong by my convictions and will never change my self. I remain optimistic through whatever happens to me -- because I would be doing myself an injustice otherwise.