Shannon Pallay

Shannon cool attitude doesn't mean she isn't working hard.

on Feb 7, 2008


Theres so much to write about this week I don't even know where to begin!

This week was entirely about catwalk. New York Fashion week catwalk to be specific. An amazing opportunity that I felt prevailed to be a part of, in a way this week was a realization of a dream. I walked in a fashion show for Form and I loved it. The panel seems to think I underperformed and didn't walk my best.

The panel also thinks that the entire house was a little cocky about even being in NY fashion week in the first place and we used that as a reason to not try our best. Well, I can't speak for everybody in the house but that was not the case for me. They think that I'm trying to coast by -- which simply is not true. Just because I don't get nervous doesn't mean I don't care about my work.

I love the catwalk with a passion and I walk on it with conviction.