Shannon Pallay

Shannon has a great time rolling around with Ronnie.

on Jan 24, 2008


Well we're down to 12 people; 6 guys and 6 gals. I'm glad the gender ratio is balanced again. And how perfect that is considering the theme of the week; Chemistry. After the excitement of finding out that Katy and Ben had not been eliminated, it was back to work. We had a photo shoot for Reiss International. It was off the wall. We were put into groups of 2's, 3's, 4's, & 5's in a completely random order and we were put to the task of instantly creating, chemistry with the person or people we were thrown in front of the camera with. It was an interesting challenge having to change emotions and partners so quickly. We all looked sharp in the clothes though, (which is always a big plus).

It seemed like right after we got off the Reiss shoot we were waking up at the crack of dawn to go to another. And this one certainly pushed the chemistry theme to another level. Basically we all had to jump into bed with a randomly picked partner and have a one-night stand in front of the camera. Sounds like fun right?

We all worked with Diana Scheunemann, who is very distinctive photographer. She decided to pair me with Ronnie. A decision I was very happy with. There was no doubt that he and I had mass amounts of chemistry, which really showed in the photos. It was an all round positive experience. What girl doesn't want to roll around naked with a hot gay guy? I know I do! LOL...