Stephanie Bulger

Stephanie looks back on her best week so far.

on Jan 24, 2008


First of all it is snowing right now and its beautiful!

Wow - week 3 was saucy!

This has probably been my best week so far - I just had so much fun!

Everything from the location at the Chelsea Hotel to finally getting to make our 1st phone call just gave me a huge burst of the excitement and energy I really was needing - it was awesome!

As soon as we pulled up at the Chelsea Hotel I was so psyched! Over the summer I was an intern at a gallery and two blocks up on the same street - (Holla Esther!) so I walked by the hotel every day on my way from the train. The hotel is such a massive NewYork City landmark with so much history in it its crazy! I'm sure I annoyed the crap out of everyone in my car because I could not stop talking about it. The reason why the hotel is so cool is because its basically an artists haven - some of the most famous writers, artists and musicians have lived there. Bob Dylan, Edie Sedgewick, Sam Berdhart, Thomas Wolfe - they all lived in the hotel at some point and had crazy bohemian artist partners. Jimi Hendrix used to live there and practice in the sound proof rooms - the place just has so much history you can literally feel the creative energy inside the walls! So many artists live there even now and have their studios there! So obviously, I was ecstatic that we were shooting there! So many crazy famous photographer have been at the Chelsea and it was a huge honour that we got to shoot there - I never thought I'd be able to say I shot there!! Okay so I'll stop being a massive art history nerd and talk about our shoot.