Tyson Beckford

Tyson shares his thoughts on the finale.

on Apr 3, 2008


Ben showed up late to his first go-see, and although that's not the impression you want to make, I can't say I was perfect and never made that mistake. I was late for some of my go-sees, and after awhile you learn how crucial it is to show the client that you can show up on time.

I think the brands that were chosen were the best for each one of them. We learned who they were along the way, so by the time we had to put brands on them we were able to pick the right ones.

Ben is going to struggle with catwalk, for sure, because of his stiffness, but he showed in the New Orleans shoot that he can be very editorial, so he'll be good at that side. I think he'll be good at advertisements too, but I just know he's going to struggle with catwalk unless we send him to Milan and just make him walk. He'll get it eventually.