Tyson Beckford

Tyson shares his thoughts on the finale.

on Apr 3, 2008

I know some of the bloggers are like, "You should quit! You're the worst panelist ever!" And you know, I listen to their opinion and I appreciate their opinion, but if you've never been in this business, and you've never achieved the things I've achieved, you really can't say what I should be doing. You walk around in my shoes and you'll understand what this business is about. This is a tough business, and to get up there and put yourself out there physically and mentally and let people judge the way you look, the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you look in underwear, and to call out all your flaws is hard. Those who can do it, God bless them.

I've always had women around me, like Nikki and Naomi Campbell. I remember my first intro to Europe and the catwalk was Linda Evangelista. She and I were at a show in Milan, and she was great. As soon as she cut her hair, Holly reminded me of her. Linda's always been one of my favorites, and so has Naomi, but I've always had the biggest crush on Linda. I don't know where she is right now, but I'd marry her!

Fashion has dropped off since they started putting all these celebrities on the covers of magazines. No offense to the celebrities, but they can't do it like a model can. You can dress them up, airbrush them to death, but they're not going to be Linda, they're not going to be Naomi, they're not going to be Cindy, or all those girls who ran it and made fashion fun. It was such an amazing run for fashion at that time, and with this show maybe we can find the next Linda or Cindy. Whether they're Dairy Queen, or Burger King, or working on their dad's farm, I mean, look at Holly! This girl was making squirrel gravy. She was just so cute, and I can't think of anyone else who deserves this whole thing, with all that she's been through.

I think it was very important that she could meet Jessica Stam and Naomi Campbell, just so she can see what it's about. These are girls you have to compete with, work with, emulate and become.