Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford breaks down this week's performances.

on Apr 22, 2009

This week the models had to do a 1960s mod shoot. What do you think was the key to doing well in this shoot?

They were supposed to just be candid and have fun. I believe that was the instruction.

Have you ever worked with that photographer?

No, but I know her well.

First up we have Jonathan and Jordan. How do you think they did?

They did well, those two. Good match. Good match. We had Salome and Mountaha. I thought they were good. Salome had some good instruction from Mountaha. It kind of helped her understand what she needed to do. If it wasn't for Mountaha Salome would have failed.

Do you think that Salome's constant naive attitude is genunine? Laury accused her of being a little fake.

I don't know. Sometimes I think it is genuine and sometimes I think, "No, I can't believe that." Who knows?

Laury and Amanda. How did they do?

They were doomed.

Laury went home. How did you feel about that?

I didn't expect her to stay that long. Every time she thought she was right she was really wrong. Poor thing.

Do you think she should continue to persue modeling?


Sandhurst and Branden? Sandhurst has trouble keeping his eyes open.

It's a problem I have too. When we smile, our eyes get little tighter than normal.

Kerryn and Colin? The judges said they had no chemistry.

I mean, Kerryn has some chemistry. Colin doesn't. As far as Kerryn going home, I don't think she should have went. I think it could have been Laury and Colin.