Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford breaks down this week's performances.

on Apr 22, 2009

You did defend Colin thought?

I did, but I didn't expect Kerryn to go home. I didn't expect Nicole to sit there and let her go. I was like, "Whoa." Two girls dropping off. That doesn't make Nicole look good at all.

What did you think of the catwalk challenge? Have you ever done anything like that?

No. Never. That was new to me. When we learned of that it was the first time we ever heard of it. It seemed like fun. You could take some old stuff and present it. Love the way he turned the pants into a jacket. That's just genius thinking.

Jordan was the only model to help the designer. Do designers ever ask you to do anything?

They always ask us to be fun, enjoy the clothes, go out and sell it.

In terms of having to hold or pin anything?

No. No.

Salome went with Mountaha to Elie Tahari. How do you think they did?

Did you see how Salome walked? The top goes left. The bottom goes right. That's constantly been her problem. She's got this wiggle. It's like, "Wow." People get mad at me when I say it, but if she worked in a strip club she would be doing well.

When she was measured, she did loose half an inch. Did you notice a difference?


Who do you think are the frontrunners right now?

There are no real frontrunners. As you can see, Kerryn did well last week and all of a sudden she got turned around and sent home. It's anybody's game. They could easily mess it up for themselves.