Tyson Beckford

Tyson weighs in on the swimwear shoot and tells the models to step up their game.

on May 20, 2009

This week the models did a swimwear shoot. What's the key to doing well with swimwear?

Following direction. You need to know what the the photographer needs from you. All ears. That's it.

Have you ever worked with fish before in a shoot?

I've never worked with fish before, but there's always different props.

What should a model do when they're working in cold conditions like that?

The mindset is just to take yourself to a warm place. That's the best that you can do.

Let's go through all the models this week. What about sandhurst? He had trouble with the shoot.

Sandhurst has the same look constantly. That's what the judges have said, and I've always talked to him about it. You need more than just good looks and a great body. You have to have some character behind your eyes, and in your poses. You need to add some character to it. You can't just stand there and expect it to just fall in your lap.

What about Jonathan? He won this week.

Jonathan did well, but he was beating himself up at first. That's the problem with these kids. They don't believe in themselves. I can teach you all day, but you have to believe in yourself.

Branden? He rocked the catwalk, but his photo wasn't so great.

His photo wasn't great because his body is not perfect. The look on his face was good, the pose was good, it's just his body is not as in shape as Jonathan or Sandhurst. If you put all three of those guys together you would have someone close to my caliber.