Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford has some juicy details about Season 2's premiere.

on Mar 4, 2009

Bravotv.com: Let's dive right into the first episode. How is it different being a mentor this year?
The difference is that you're kind of part judge and part father at the same time. There's more stress on you because you want them to succeed. I always want them to do well. Even when I was a judge I always wanted them to do well. They're still kids and you always want them to succeed.

Bravotv.com: From the get-go they got thrown into a shoot. Have you ever done a shoot quite like that elevated box one before?
Up in the air like that? I can't say that I really have. I never had to do anything that crazy. As time goes by there are going to be things that kids are doing in fashion that we never really had the chance to do. There's gonna be a lot of stuff like that going on.

Bravotv.com: What was the direction the models were getting? What was the key to being successful?
The direction was that they were going to be put in front of an audience. A lot of times when your'e working you're put into an environment where everyone's watching and you're not really wearing a whole lot, but you still got to perform. What we wanted them to do was still sell the clothes that they were wearing, which was sexy and intimate sleepwear. They had to work it with their partner. Some of them were able to do it. Some of them really bombed at it. It was just their first time so it was understandable.

Bravotv.com: Let's go group by group and you can give your first impression of the models. What about Branden and Chris?
Branden was concerned about being grouped with Chris because he was gay. What did you notice with them? I talked them through it, I guess they had to cut that down. I spent a good deal talking to them. I told Brandon, "Look man, you're into girls." I turned to Chris and said, "Man, you're into boys." I told Brandon, "What do you have to worry about? What do your friends at home care? They're sitting on the couch and you're doing something with your life at 18 years old. Come on, buddy. Step up and be a man. All you gotta do is remain professional." And that's exactly what he did.