Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford talks sexy shoots, model catfights, and where CJ went wrong.

on Apr 1, 2009

What about Salome, Laury, and Colin?

I think it was innocent fun. Unlike Gabe and Amanda,  they were just having fun. When it comes down to the work part, they get it.

Amanda, Jordan, and Branden? Amanda and Jordan don't really like each other.

With Amanda hating Jordan, it's making it worse for Jordan. Jordan is so consumed by putting energy into hating Amanda, and she's screwing herself. I tell these kids to stop focusing on other things. If Jordan put half the energy she put into hating on Amanda, she could be something. When she focuses on herself she does well. As soon as she starts hating she starts bombing.

Do you think the judges are doing a good job?

When the judges don't do a good job, I say something. I think they're doing a great job. You have over 50 years of experience with the professional people sitting there. There are only 4 of them, but everyone has been in the business well over 15 years. They know what they're doing. They've seen people come and go.

On to the catwalk. Have you ever worn a skirt on the runway?

No, I have not.

Do you think the guys did a good job?

I think they did a great job. Sandhurst needs to loosen-up, he's too stiff at times. Jonathan, again, it's his arms. And with Branden, it's his posture. Colin might never learn to walk perfectly. He gets in his head too much. He's got a misconception of what he has to do as a model, instead of saying, "This is Colin. This is me."