Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford talks sexy shoots, model catfights, and where CJ went wrong.

on Apr 1, 2009

Kerryn won. What did you think about that?

That day she was just drop-dead gorgeous. She deserved to win. There was no flaw, and it was nothing. She just looked amazing. If she didn't win there would have been a problem. There would have been an angry black man on set. I would have wild out on the judges. They saw it just like I saw it.

CJ went home. Do you think it was due to lack of confidence like Nicole said?

No, it was a lot of things. You can't be in this business of fashion or television or movies if you don't have the confidence. If you can't believe in yourself, how are we to believe in you? It was her confidence. It was her attitude, her outlook, and the way she presented herself. Sometimes when she was standing there and I had to tell her, "Straighten up! Act like a model for God's sake." Tabatha told her at one point too. These kids seem not to get it. Good riddance! I love her, but she was taking up time and energy. I need to be with the ones who want my help, not the ones who I have to beg to take my help.