Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford explains what it takes to be a model.

on Mar 18, 2009

Let's get right into the latest episode and talk about the models' performances. First off we have Branden, who worked with Colin.

Branden is growing, he's getting better. His weakness is his walk. He doesn't stand up straight. He walks and his arms kind of stand out like he's a big muscle man. That's his main weakness.


He's great with his photos, but he wasn't as strong this week. He also has that thing where he has a muscle-man type walk. I tell him to relax his arms and his shoulders.

What did you think of his incorporation of cricket on the runway?

I thought it was great because one of the judges is British and one of the judges is from South Africa, two countries that play cricket. I also understood because I have a West Indian background. I don't know if the American viewers will catch it. It was brilliant for him because he was the only one who laid down an action pose.

What about Kerryn? She was taken on the go see and she won the immunity.

That was good, Kerryn. She's got a sexiness about here.

What about her and Colin? She was trying to get him out of his shell.

They would make a good couple. But it's hard to be in a relationship and try to succeed in this business. At the beginning of the season I tell them all don't mess with that because it's a distraction.

Has it ever worked out for you with a model?

It's worked for me, but I was already where I needed to be in my career.

What about Laury? She was upset that she didn't win the photo assignment.

She was trippin. Did she not see her picture? It was not that good for her to lash out. I was embarrassed for her. She should have known better.