Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford explains what it takes to be a model.

on Mar 18, 2009

What about Mountaha?

She's a sweetheart. She gets it, but it's gotta get her. She's coming along.

Salome kept bringing up the fact that she wasn't familiar with sports. What did you think of that?

That's a bullsh*t excuse. If you get hired by a client, are you gonna say you don't know what sports is? She doesn't know what sports is, but she damn sure knows what fashion is. Fashion is the key to everything. It's the key to sports, music, everything. Everything you do incorporates fashion, whether you're sitting at a desk or flying a plane. Everyone has a uniform while you're doing something like that. If you're a professional motercycle rider or a race car driver then you wear a suit for that. Fashion relates to everything. I don't understand how if you're into fashion you don't know what sports is.

What about Sandhurst?

Sandhurst is cool. When you're classically trained like that it's hard to break that mold. It's hard to come up with a different swag. He'll blow it for himself if doesn't come with something different. The pose at the end was cool, it caught you off guard, but it wasn't sports related.

What about Shawn?

Like Shawn, these kids have a misinterpretation of what fashion is. There are those who put too much in and those who don't put enough. It doesn't matter if you're good looking. It's that happy medium you have to find.


She's good, she just looks very thin.

What about Gabriel? Something was going on between him and Amanda.

I was saying, "Amanda, don't mess with this boy." She's getting too caught up with Gabe and his penis.

What about Colin?

It's like trying to get Einstein to become... Tyson. He's a good looking guy, he's just a nerd. If they were remaking Revenge of the Nerds he would be starring in it.