Tyson Beckford

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on Jan 31, 20080


Bravotv.com:Aryn goes home -- what was your take on her?

I was very sad to see her go.

Bravotv.com:This week was the nude challenge. When you described the challenge to the models, did you think anyone would have a huge problem with it?

No. The real factor set in. They saw Aryn go home .... So, now the fear factor set in, like "OK - they're not playing any more."

Bravotv.com:In your modeling career, the first time you had to be nude, did you have trouble with it?

I shot an ad that appeared to be that way, but I never had to do it.

Bravotv.com:Because ...

I was too intimidating. Once I said "No" that was it - they were scared to mess with me. It was like, "Well this kid does come from the street. He will kick my ass."

Bravotv.com:Could most models just starting out get away with that?

Probably not. Probably not - no.

Estela Estrada
Estela Estrada

Hey Tyson! I had a question, how can i do about myself getting into modeling? I've tried so many modeling agencies on line but they always seem to have a catch, like for instance, they always ask for credit card numbers and they say its free?I don't see why would they want that info? Can you please help me out on some advise or even on some resource? I would apreciate it thank you.