Tyson Beckford

Find out who Tyson thought killed it and who he felt fell flat.

on May 13, 2009

The models had to switch it up for the photo shoot this week. Do you think it's harder to model alone or with others?

I think it's harder to work with other people, because when you're looking at the camera somebody else isn't looking there. It can be annoying.

They did a Rowdy campaign for Dallas Austin. What do you think the photographer was looking for?

I think he was looking for someone who was edgy and who fit Dallas' swagger. I think Salome came close, but I didn't think it was an amazing shot. Like Perou, I thought Mountaha did a better job. She captured that edginess.

For the catwalk they had to use Heely shoes. What did you think of that?

Like Nicole was saying, different designers have you do crazy things and sometimes you just gotta do it. Jordan had the choice to do it or not, and you have to listen to the direction stated. You can use them or you don't have to. It's a bonus if you do. As soon as Jordan broke that corner I knew she was out of there.

How was Branden this week?

He's been losing confidence. Maybe he needed to break down and get that cry out. Boo hoo. I miss my mommy. I felt bad for him. Tries to act tough, but he's a momma's boy.

How do you think Jonathan did?

He did well. He's consistent.