Tyson Beckford

Find out who Tyson thought killed it and who he felt fell flat.

on May 13, 2009

He was only  in the group photo and his eyes were closed.

There you have it. That doesn't work. Then his hair. Jonathan, don't ever mess with that hair.

What about Mountaha?

She did well overall. They lightened her hair. That worked for her. It adds to her edginess.

How do you think she did on that go-see?

She did well, but they weren't looking for someone edgy.

How did Salome do?

The face is beautiful, but I'm not sure it's a model's face.

What about Sandhurst?

He did well on the shoot. I thought it was his or Mountaha's to win.

Finally, Jordan.

She starts off the show by saying, "Ha ha, Amanda's gone" and look what happens. The best revenge is success. You don't need to be a 12-year-old. That wasn't necessary. She got dropped..