Girls on Second, Boys on Third

Katy toughs it out during an intense week.

Friday photo shoot with Lee Strickland about drama, sex, fantasy. Freezing cold all day and wearing next to nothing. When you are on a shoot, especially with Lee you don't feel the cold only energy. You need him to capture the essence of what you project. Crazy hair and make-up, red eyebrows, light make up, hair slicked back in a pony tail. Niki came to our trailer later in the day to stop and talk and give us some advice - we also asked her some questions. We saw the house, that night - gorgeous! Three floors, girls on second, boys on third. We all get along so well.... Each of our personalities compliment the other.

Saturday, Tyson woke us up at 7:30am for a go-see. We had thirty minutes to get ready and we met him under the Manhattan Bridge. He had a bonfire going and asked us to throw in something if we wanted to, to symbolize starting over and achieving what we want. It felt so good afterwards to burn my jacket, gloves and scarf. We then went to New York Models, took measurements, Cory thinks my boobs are too big, Niki stuck up for my saying her and Tyra had bigger boobs and there's were wrapped for fashion shows.

Later that night Niki came by the house to tell us about a surprise party for us networking with editors from GQ, she provided us with clothes from French Connection and helped us get dressed. I really appreciate and admire how motherly and passionate she is and of course our girl talks about the business. She makes me want to work out extra to be in her shoes.

Monday, today was a dreadful day. We met with the panel for our first catwalk show, we met at the stage at 11:00am, went into hair and make-up the theme for make-up was "Barbie" all the girls wore two pairs of lashes, heavy liner on top, muted make-up and pale pink lips. When we got there Niki and Tyson, came out, Tyson wearing red speedo which looked fantastic on him.

They said they needed two volunteers, two from each side. We didn't know what we were volunteering for until they dropped the black sheet from over the two mannequins, which were wearing thong bikinis. My outfit was great, a Brazilian bikini (purple) with a black unique necklace already made into it and orange stilettos. Debbie Deetering (runway coach) met us there to practise our walk on the new run way. It was so slippery; it felt like it had just been waxed. We all found green tape to stick to the bottom of our shoes and that made it easier.

When everyone was finally ready, we got in place (I was number 4) and did our catwalk. It felt so good to get back on the run way. It really is the best feeling in the world. An indescribable rush and sense of euphoria. I used to be so self conscious when I was younger and never wanted to take pictures, be on camera or have people looking at me. I never thought I could really want to be a model, and have the stage all to myself but I wouldn't have it any other way!

The boys have gotten better on the walks; we've all been practising together at home. After walking, we all walk back out to stand in front of the judges, for them to ask us each a question and make comments. Jennifer asked me if I would rather be in another industry where I'm "accepted" for my weight measurements.

She asked me about working out and putting all the work into this competition, when I could just choose because it's easier (the easier path). I told her and the panel that I didn't want to take the easier road; I would rather work for what I wanted. Niki said I was a "hard worker". I ended up being in the bottom three, with Sarah and Dominic. Tyson exact words were "I know better people who would rather be here than you." I was so humiliated today. I'm definitely going to upset my family who have to watch this episode because I know its going to hurt them, Sarah and I are not ready to go home - and we won't. Not this week anyway.....

I AM a Supermodel

Branden talks about his win, what he'll do with the money, and if he plans on asking Nicole out. At the beginning of the season, did you think you would win? Or who did you think would after seeing the other models?
Well, I’ve got to admit, at the beginning of the season, I was very intimidated by all the models, definitely I thought I wasn’t going to be underestimating myself. And really who I thought was going to win was either Sandhurst or Jonathan. That’s who I thought was going to win. So when I got down to them at the end, when I was with them, I was just amazed by myself. I thought “Holy crap! I really made it this far.” I had a one in three chance to win so why not just go for it? Especially in the last episode they [Jonathan & Sanhurst] almost kind of played father figures during the show for you. What was that relationship like with the other guys?
The relationship with the other guys was very good. I love those two. Jonathan, he’s more of the father figure type of guy and Sanhurst is more of just like your best friend. I really was privileged to actually share a home with them for two months and have fun with them. I had fun no matter what we were doing. In the last episode, you get to shoot with this amazing photographer in the first part and do the whole Polaroid challenge with that camera. What was that like?
That was my favorite photo shoot out of all of them. It wasn’t like "Do this pose." It wasn’t very "posey." It was more showing yourself. There was one of them that was pretty posy because it was a high fashion one, but then there was your portrait, and then there was there’s the group shot. And I felt like in the group shot, I did the best. And then you had the Cosmo shoot. Did that just feel really natural to you?
Well that was probably one of my favorite photo shoots. It was very natural. And they just told me to act like that guy that girls want to be with and the guy that guys want to be friends with. And I was good in that and they said "You really are a Cosmo guy." And I felt very confident about that. In your final catwalk, you had the more playful one, and then you had the Ben Sherman one, what did you want to accomplish with those catwalks?
Really on those catwalks, I just wanted to show them that I’ve matured since the beginning of the competition and that I know what I’m doing and I’m ready to be a supermodel. That’s really what I was just trying to show them. And I felt a little awkward and funny in the whole suit I had on with all the bows. It was kind of weird. But, it was fun. They kept saying you went from a boy to a man. Like the first episode you were struggling with maybe [the fact that] you were working with a gay model and you kind of made a big deal about it in the first episode. Do you think that your mind has totally just opened?
First of all, at the beginning of the competition, I was not homophobic. I have tons of gay friends. I just felt uncomfortable for my first shot because me and my mom and everybody were talking about it and stuff and I just don’t want to be portrayed that way even though I love gay people. They’re some of the funniest people in the world. But I just felt a little awkward to do anything like I wasn’t going to go past the point of kissing him. I would not have kissed him. [He] was like "Why don’t you guys kiss" and I was like, "Hell no, dude!” What was your favorite challenge?
My favorite challenge was probably, I would have to say, the Timothy Greenfield one, with the portraits. That was just awesome. It was so much fun. One of the judges asked you an interesting question: You are so close to your mother. Once your modeling career really starts, you’re going to be traveling all over. You’re going to be separated from her. Have you thought about that and how you’re going to handle that?
Me and my mom talked about it a lot and I’m ready to get out there. I’m ready to leave home. I’m 19 years old now. I’m just ready to get out there and find out what this world’s got to give me. What are you going to do with the money?
With the money, I’m getting my mom a nice car, and then I’m going to move to New York. And I have a couple bills. Well you won, so are you going to take Nicole out?
I wish! Do you have any final thoughts about this season that you want to share with your fans or want to say anything to them?
I just want to say to all my fans, thank you for believing in me and helping me along the way. It was a great season. It was a great accomplishment and it was just a great privilege to have and I’m very privileged to have fans like everybody that I’m around. So, thanks to everyone.