If That's How You Feel...

Tyson has no tolerance for homophobia. Let him explain.



Let me start with Ben this week. I heard he said some really not nice things about being gay. I have no tolerance for that. To me, that's almost like calling a black person a n*gger. I'm not having that. I don't want to endorse that. If that's how you feel, then get out of my house. I so wanted to run up in his ass about that, because that's not cool.

People need to see that it's not cool. Ronnie had to go to him and say, "Look, I got beat up for my sexuality. It's not cool for you to talk bad about my sexuality," and it's not! There are a lot of other people who have gone through what Ronnie's gone through where they've gotten beat up or were called names because of their sexuality, and that's not cool.

I have cousins who are gay and I've had to stand up for them and literally knock dudes out, like, "You've got a problem with my cousin just because of the way he is?" Dude, I will hurt you for that, don't say that. Without Ronnie, Ben would have been out of this contest a long time ago, and to get to a point where he turned against him?


Casey's walk is never going to change, and it's not his fault he's pigeon-toed, but in this business you can't be. Can you imagine Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell being pigeon-toed? What designer is going to want him? He looks great, but he's boyfriend cute. The word "supermodel" is a big word, and I hate that everyone uses it so loosely. You can't hand it out easily, or else you're degrading everyone who was a supermodel or who is a supermodel.


Frankie's been having it tough. I think the pressures of this competition have gotten to him, and he's gotten bad. He was sent home by a photographer, and any job where you get sent home is bad for you, it's bad for the client, and it's a bad look for your agency. That right there is a big no-no.


Holly's got a great look and she's a great girl, but a lot of great-looking girls end up saying, "This business isn't for me, I'd rather do something else." I hope I'm wrong. If Holly wins this, I guarantee you she won't last in this business, because her skin isn't thick enough. She seems a little weak, and to me, you can't be weak in this business.


I feel like we'll get more out of Perry. He could really this all the way into stardom. I think 10 years down the line, Perry is going to be like me. He's going to go into acting, he's going to be a great actor, we're going to love the movies that he's in, and we're going to say, "This kid came from Make Me a Supermodel." I started off acting before I got into modeling. I just never got that role, so a friend of mine recommended I try modeling for a while, and I was like, "This acting thing isn't working out, I'll try modeling now." I jumped into it, and the next thing you know, I started working. I've gotten to the point now where I get scripts sent to me, and I can go on auditions and do well at them and impress people enough to get a callback.


You know, that kid blew us away this week. Holly may have won, but Ronnie blew us away.


I've never really been as big a fan of Shannon as everyone else. She's too tall, she's really lanky, and I've never liked her look. Everybody else seems to think she's got something, but I'm not sure I see it. There're times where she does well, and then there are times where I'm like, "How are you still in this competition?"

Throwing the Book at Me

Jonathan discusses his final elimination.

13th Photo Shoot - Timothy Greenfield Sanders

Wow – what an opportunity! Having polaroids (one one of the earliest cameras) taken by Mr. Greenfield Sanders.

This shoot was so revealing. No posing, no character, just your naked face being captured.

It was a fun, interesting, and almost uncomfortable shot as we were shot warts and all, no retouching, just how we look everyday.

I loved the pictures especially the group one … this really was a once-in-a-lifetime shoot.

Timothy was such a nice guy and was kind enough to give us each a souvenir. I got his book of famous portraits. Thanks for the opportunity, Bravo!

Next day we had a shoot (test) with Cosmo mag, which didn’t go well for me. I was in my head and couldn’t get out. Sounds so unprofessional. I had just seen my wife and son the night before, first time in two months. No excuse to be off my game and I feel quite embarrassed about my performance today.

13th Runway – Crazy and Refined

Two walks – one in a crazy fun suit, one in a sleek Ben Sherman number.

So final final final. This one was a big one.

I walked well, with a slight step as the first suit was a bit out there, so I had to wear it like I owned it.

Second suit I loved. It felt tailored! I had a confident walk and was feeling good … until …

Oh well…it’s all over Tyson pretty much threw my book at me and got rid of me.

Got this far so don’t feel too bad, but am I disappointed? Absolutely. Let's see if getting this far will help my career. Hope to see you all around.