Keep Working

At the end of the day, you can't forget that modeling is still a job.

In working in a group, what's the most important consideration? What is it that models should definitely keep in mind and how does it relate to the "chemistry" challenge of last week?

Being in tune with others. Keep your mind on the job to do. That's what it is, a job.

Nudity. Where is the line between tasteful and non-tasteful nudity?

You can have beautiful nudes like "Harper's Bizarre" or in "Art Magazine," for example, then you have the other extreme of "Playboy" or "Hustler."

Your thoughts on Aryn?


She shouldn't give up on the business. I think she has a career here.




He needs to get his confidence again.


He needs to lighten up.


Keep up the hard work.


She's blending in right now.


He should maybe try taking an acting class.


She needs to focus and not worry about what's happening around her.


He also needs to keep up the hard work.


He keeps getting stronger.


She's creeping up and taking it all in.


She needs to continue doing what she did this week.

Throwing the Book at Me

Jonathan discusses his final elimination.

13th Photo Shoot - Timothy Greenfield Sanders

Wow – what an opportunity! Having polaroids (one one of the earliest cameras) taken by Mr. Greenfield Sanders.

This shoot was so revealing. No posing, no character, just your naked face being captured.

It was a fun, interesting, and almost uncomfortable shot as we were shot warts and all, no retouching, just how we look everyday.

I loved the pictures especially the group one … this really was a once-in-a-lifetime shoot.

Timothy was such a nice guy and was kind enough to give us each a souvenir. I got his book of famous portraits. Thanks for the opportunity, Bravo!

Next day we had a shoot (test) with Cosmo mag, which didn’t go well for me. I was in my head and couldn’t get out. Sounds so unprofessional. I had just seen my wife and son the night before, first time in two months. No excuse to be off my game and I feel quite embarrassed about my performance today.

13th Runway – Crazy and Refined

Two walks – one in a crazy fun suit, one in a sleek Ben Sherman number.

So final final final. This one was a big one.

I walked well, with a slight step as the first suit was a bit out there, so I had to wear it like I owned it.

Second suit I loved. It felt tailored! I had a confident walk and was feeling good … until …

Oh well…it’s all over Tyson pretty much threw my book at me and got rid of me.

Got this far so don’t feel too bad, but am I disappointed? Absolutely. Let's see if getting this far will help my career. Hope to see you all around.