Physically and Creatively

Shannon's health forces her to go to the hospital.

This week started off pretty sour for me because Jacki was eliminated. I'll miss her a lot, but I know that when everything is said and done she and I will continue to be friends.

However, the week must go on. We got a big surprise when we found out we were going away for a winter weekend. We were staying at Windham resort in the Catskills, which was unbelievably beautiful. We were going to have a photo shoot with Dennis G. about speed and motion. A lifestyle shoot about basically having fun in the snow.

I was definitely looking forward to it until I very suddenly felt ill. I really don't know what happened to me but I was incredibly nauseated and had to go see a nurse. I felt able enough to work by the time the shoot got started but I couldn't help but further destroy my body. While performing I took a bad fall and busted my knee open. The bleeding wouldn't stop very easily and there was blood all over the snow. So physically, I was a mess but creatively the shoot was very successful for me because Dennis loved my work and said I out shined both of my partners.

It really wasn't my objective to out shine anybody because the shoot was also about having chemistry. But at the same time im happy to know that the photographer liked my performance, and as a model that's one of the best things you can hear.

While in Catskill we stayed in an amazing log cabin which had to be to good to be true and of course was. The next morning Clay showed up and said we have to compete to find out who'll clean the house head to toe. So we had series of games in the snow, all of which were very fun. However the whole point of the competition was lost on me considering I enjoy cleaning. I just would really like to have seen Perry, Casey and Frankie clean because they can be extremely messy.

My team ended up losing but I had more important things on my mind like the upcoming catwalk. Time went by I just got more and more sick. I really didn't want to go to the hospital at all but on the morning of catwalk, I couldn't even stand so I had to go. I felt like pure death but I rushed the doctors because I wasn't about to miss the catwalk for anything short of actual death. Everybody wanted me to stay but I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I didn't at least try -- so I went and gave it my best but Corey said he can tell that I was sick and my catwalk was not my best.


Not something I loved hearing but I couldn't break my obligations after wards I went back to the hospital because I really wanted to feel better and I didn't want to have to worry about this kind of thing for next week. But then again anything worth having is worth fighting for and fighting through. So I'm sure next week will be an even bigger challenge.

I'm ready for it.

I AM a Supermodel

Branden talks about his win, what he'll do with the money, and if he plans on asking Nicole out. At the beginning of the season, did you think you would win? Or who did you think would after seeing the other models?
Well, I’ve got to admit, at the beginning of the season, I was very intimidated by all the models, definitely I thought I wasn’t going to be underestimating myself. And really who I thought was going to win was either Sandhurst or Jonathan. That’s who I thought was going to win. So when I got down to them at the end, when I was with them, I was just amazed by myself. I thought “Holy crap! I really made it this far.” I had a one in three chance to win so why not just go for it? Especially in the last episode they [Jonathan & Sanhurst] almost kind of played father figures during the show for you. What was that relationship like with the other guys?
The relationship with the other guys was very good. I love those two. Jonathan, he’s more of the father figure type of guy and Sanhurst is more of just like your best friend. I really was privileged to actually share a home with them for two months and have fun with them. I had fun no matter what we were doing. In the last episode, you get to shoot with this amazing photographer in the first part and do the whole Polaroid challenge with that camera. What was that like?
That was my favorite photo shoot out of all of them. It wasn’t like "Do this pose." It wasn’t very "posey." It was more showing yourself. There was one of them that was pretty posy because it was a high fashion one, but then there was your portrait, and then there was there’s the group shot. And I felt like in the group shot, I did the best. And then you had the Cosmo shoot. Did that just feel really natural to you?
Well that was probably one of my favorite photo shoots. It was very natural. And they just told me to act like that guy that girls want to be with and the guy that guys want to be friends with. And I was good in that and they said "You really are a Cosmo guy." And I felt very confident about that. In your final catwalk, you had the more playful one, and then you had the Ben Sherman one, what did you want to accomplish with those catwalks?
Really on those catwalks, I just wanted to show them that I’ve matured since the beginning of the competition and that I know what I’m doing and I’m ready to be a supermodel. That’s really what I was just trying to show them. And I felt a little awkward and funny in the whole suit I had on with all the bows. It was kind of weird. But, it was fun. They kept saying you went from a boy to a man. Like the first episode you were struggling with maybe [the fact that] you were working with a gay model and you kind of made a big deal about it in the first episode. Do you think that your mind has totally just opened?
First of all, at the beginning of the competition, I was not homophobic. I have tons of gay friends. I just felt uncomfortable for my first shot because me and my mom and everybody were talking about it and stuff and I just don’t want to be portrayed that way even though I love gay people. They’re some of the funniest people in the world. But I just felt a little awkward to do anything like I wasn’t going to go past the point of kissing him. I would not have kissed him. [He] was like "Why don’t you guys kiss" and I was like, "Hell no, dude!” What was your favorite challenge?
My favorite challenge was probably, I would have to say, the Timothy Greenfield one, with the portraits. That was just awesome. It was so much fun. One of the judges asked you an interesting question: You are so close to your mother. Once your modeling career really starts, you’re going to be traveling all over. You’re going to be separated from her. Have you thought about that and how you’re going to handle that?
Me and my mom talked about it a lot and I’m ready to get out there. I’m ready to leave home. I’m 19 years old now. I’m just ready to get out there and find out what this world’s got to give me. What are you going to do with the money?
With the money, I’m getting my mom a nice car, and then I’m going to move to New York. And I have a couple bills. Well you won, so are you going to take Nicole out?
I wish! Do you have any final thoughts about this season that you want to share with your fans or want to say anything to them?
I just want to say to all my fans, thank you for believing in me and helping me along the way. It was a great season. It was a great accomplishment and it was just a great privilege to have and I’m very privileged to have fans like everybody that I’m around. So, thanks to everyone.